The Fault In Our Stars, “A Small Moment”


The Fault In Our Stars

“A Small Moment” By Isobel, 11 years old.

I get home late at night, approximately 10:30 pm. I close my eyes picturing every flashback of tonight possible. The lights going off in the theatre and the movie beginning. The screen shows the back of “some guy” bumping into “some girl” and I let out a small but high pitched scream. “Ansel Elgort!” I exclaim. The movie goes on and I laugh, and whisper to my mom sitting next to me about every little thing I notice from the book. Screaming girls fill the room. The whole theatre is completely sold out. Then, it happens. That “some girl” and “some boy” fall in love and tears spread across the audience. The book has come to life. Tears roll out of my eyes and fall down my cheeks. The story goes on and bad news is let out from the boy. He has cancer all over his body. More tears. Days later, the boy dies, and although it is just a movie, I feel every vein in my body tear. It is a scary feeling. One that cannot be described with a few words or cheesy hand gestures. A feeling that all of you is fading until none of me is left. I think that crazy, fascinating and sad movies do that to me. And it is worth it. My face is wet and my eyes are bright red from sobbing.

“Okay?” The boy asks her in a letter he never got a chance to give.

“Okay.” She says, lying down on grass with her hair spread out. Okay, and okay, are an inside saying for The Fault in Our Stars fans, referencing the line said by Ansel Elgort, “Maybe okay will be our always.” When the movie is over, I don’t stop crying. I can’t. And neither can the other hundreds of girls sitting around me. Wails and sobs are heard from all the way around the room. The credits feature a song by Ed Sheeran. And a song by Ed Sheeran was the perfect ending to such a beautiful and sad movie.

“That was… it was amazing.” I tell my mom, although she already knows that.

“Yes. It was.” My mother responds. And it was. It is and it was, it will be and it has been. The Fault In Our Stars, was imperfectly perfect.